Chocolate Covered Strawberries *LIMITED EDITION* Kyoto Black Cold Brew

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1 Pouch of Kyoto Black Cold Brew Concentrate LIMITED EDITION


This coffee features a blend of lots from two esteemed producers.

True to form, strawberry and chocolate bookend this drinking experience. On the nose, you'll immediately experience a pronounced strawberry aroma. Specifically, freeze-dried strawberries.

The first sip is full of red fruit and sweetness, reminding me of strawberry jam. The finish is smooth and silky. Single-origin chocolate and red wine notes then come through with a touch of sophistication.

Here's more about the men responsible for making this coffee possible.

Jairo Arcila (Quindio, Colombia) | The Arcila family coffee empire spans over 80 years. Since 2015, they have focused on producing some of the finest specialty coffee in the country. They specialize in alternative and experimental fermentation processes.

They take pride in achieving flavor profiles that are uncommon among Colombian coffees. And this strawberry maceration inoculation lot (say that ten times fast!) is yet another triumph in that endeavor.

 Jairo could likely co-ferment coffee in his sleep! For this strawberry-kissed component; the coffee cherries anaerobically ferment alongside a mixture of honey and dried strawberries for 72 hours. Then the pulped cherries dry on raised beds alongside their macerated strawberry friends.

Jose Porta (Chiriquí, Panama) |  Jose's only been working in coffee for a little over two years. Yet, his passion for producing amazing coffee makes him a veteran in my eyes.

His coffee uses Dynamic Cherry processing. In this process, the cherries par-dry on a warm patio for two days before fermentation. This step reduces the moisture content in the bean.

The result is fewer fermentation reactions outside of the bean. But enzymatic reactions continue within it. This process wards off fungal development. It also serves to prolong the fermentation process.

This lot fermented for 83 hours - though some batches have taken as long as three weeks! The coffee cherries are then spread out on patios for drying, to 9.2% moisture content.


Origins | Armenia, Quindio, Colombia | Boquete, Chiriquí, Panama

Producers | Jairo Arcila | Jose Porta

Farms | Finca Santa Monica | La Alquería

Processes | Strawberry co-ferment | Dynamic Cherry

Varieties | Castillo | Catuai

Elevations | 1500 masl | 1460 masl

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