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The secret I’m talking about is called Kyoto style coffee.

And I’ve spent so much time perfecting it, I might be the world’s leading expert on the topic. I’ve taken this knowledge and created a product that is so easy to use.

People call it “Instant Coffee 2.0.”

I’ll tell you more about it later. For now, let’s just focus on learning more about Kyoto style.


Kyoto style is a slow drip method of making cold brew concentrate.  The coffee grounds sit in a chamber while cold water drips through, one drop at a time.  Every other cold brew is made using immersion instead of drip.

IMMERSION = Fully submerging coffee grounds in brewing water for a dozen or more hours and filtering through a mesh or cloth.

DRIP = Adding water to the grounds gradually in a way that allows brewed coffee water to exit the grounds as more water is added.

This is a simple distinction, but it makes a world of difference.

Now, I’m about to explain some technical coffee details.  There are barista programs that charge for this info. But if you’ve made it this far. You’re probably as much of a coffee geek as I am. So I’ll just tell you.

I know sharing this with you would do the whole coffee world a service.

The more die-hard coffee geeks, the better!

It all starts with how coffee brews.

When you brew coffee, you are washing the flavors off the coffee ground using water. That water holds onto the flavor compounds and becomes saturated. The vast majority of cold brews are made using immersion, which is like using a large French press. While Kyoto style takes advantage of drip.

Here’s the problem with immersion.

Coffee grounds hold twice their weight in water. When you brew using immersion, the grounds end up floating in full-strength coffee water. So the water that’s stuck to them is FULL-STRENGTH COFFEE. And it’s getting thrown away.

Believe it or not, you’ll end up throwing away roughly 32% of your brew.  That’s why immersion recipes call for 30% more grounds than drip.

It’s to compensate for all the coffee you’re tossing in the trash!

This is wasteful, and it makes weak coffee. In fact, the stronger you brew your coffee, the more you'll end up throwing away!

Drip, on the other hand, allows the saturated water to exit the grounds, while a constant supply of fresh water gets added.

As you brew a cup of drip coffee, you can see the stream of coffee get lighter and lighter in color. This is because as the coffee brews, there are fewer and fewer coffee solids left to remove. The water is less saturated over time.

By the end, the grounds are only holding on to the least saturated water.

The result is more coffee in your cup and less in the trash.

If you use the same amount of coffee and water, the drip will be stronger and thicker than the immersion every time.  It will also have greater sweetness and body.  Drip is just a superior way to brew coffee, hot or cold.

So, Kyoto style is better because it takes advantage of DRIP EFFICIENCY.

Drip coffee is more efficient than immersion.  And Kyoto is the drip version of cold brew.

This is the true secret of Kyoto style!

But that's not all...

Kyoto style also extracts MORE IDEALLY than immersion cold brew.

This allows you to get better, clearer flavors out of your coffee.

I could literally go on and on about how amazing it is.  But I’m going to stop here.

Now, if all this sounds good to you, I've got an offer. If you're interested in Kyoto style, but you prefer to make your own. Just visit my blog. I have a video on how to make your very own brewer. It’ll take a lot of trial and error. But if you follow my instructions, you’ll eventually be able to make great Kyoto at home.

But if you' re too busy for that and want to try the best Kyoto style coffee available, right now. The next paragraphs are for you.

My coffee is called Kyoto Black.

And it might be the greatest secret of all!

It’s hands-down the smoothest, richest coffee you’ll ever try.  It tastes like cognac, stout beer and shaved dark chocolate. I've taken my years of expertise and condensed it into an unforgettable coffee.

And my convenient packaging makes using it, as easy as falling off a log.

Just press the button to pour. That's it.

Add water, milk, ice, or whatever you like.  You can even drink it hot.

And I personally love to use it in cocktails.

Each 1.5-liter pouch contains 12 servings of Kyoto Black. Once opened, it lasts in the refrigerator for up to three months. And the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Here’s what people are saying about Kyoto Black.

 "We loved it... it's delicious, smooth, chocolaty..."
-Chewing Podcast
#1 Best Tasting cold brew in Chicago: "Super strong, but delicious, rich with molasses..."
-WBEZ Chicago
"Justin Doggett has an idea of perfection when it comes to coffee..."
-The Chicago Tribune


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Justin Doggett

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 *My email address is  The refund is only valid within 90 days of purchase and only on first purchases made via this promotion.  The cold brew must be poured directly from the spout of the sealed pouch, down the drain and not from a separate container.  Also, the clear majority of the coffee must be poured out.  For the purposes of the refund, "clear majority" is defined as visibly greater than 75% of the product. But hopefully, you love the coffee instead :)