Introducing, Instant Coffee 2.0

Kyoto Black is your perfect, all-in-one coffee concentrate. 

It is smooth, rich and strong. In fact, it’s so strong you can use it to make any coffee drink imaginable. You can have cold brew, hot coffee, lattes and even coffee cocktails, all from one product.

I believe you should be able to enjoy great coffee, any time and anywhere. 

To make that happen, I mail all orders directly to your home or office. When it arrives, just place the 1.5 liter pouch in the refrigerator and enjoy perfect coffee on demand.

The unique packaging makes it simple to use. Just press the button to dispense. The innovative one-way valve lets coffee come out, but doesn't let air in. This keeps your coffee fresh for up to 3 months.  

You'll probably drink it much faster though.

You can dilute it to your preferred strength or drink it straight, like espresso. Each pouch contains 12 servings and I’ve included easy-to-follow instructions to get you started.

Kyoto Black is available for one-time purchase or you can subscribe and save up to 37%. Shipping is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I brew all my coffee using the Kyoto style slow drip method. The coffee grounds sit in a chamber and cold water is slowly dripped through the grounds, one drop at a time. 

This process takes a lot of effort to get right, but it produces a clean coffee with great flavor and a smooth velvety texture.

My flagship blend, Black Label, tastes like Cognac, Stout Beer & Shaved Dark Chocolate.

While Purple Label features fruity and exotic tasting light roasted coffees.

Kyoto Black is exploding in popularity here in Chicago.  It’s an underground hit. And thanks to our loyal fan base, we’ve gotten noticed by some major players in the local food scene.

Here’s a brief list of some of the places that serve it.

  • Cindy’s
  • Soho House
  • Billy Sunday
  • Kizuki Ramen


If you,

  • Want to have perfect coffee available anytime, at the snap of a finger?
  • Want to take advantage of the simplest way to enjoy premium coffee, with zero mess or clean-up?
  • Want to be ahead of the curve and blow your friends and family away with amazing coffee every time?

Then now’s your chance to try Kyoto Black for 20% off. Just click the button below. It will take you directly to checkout and automatically apply a 20% discount to your first non-subscription order.

Your coffee will be shipped directly to you, just place it in the refrigerator when it arrives.



 If you are interested in learning more about how and why I started the company, continue reading.

Kyoto Black started off as a hobby.

I didn’t even have the intention of turning it into a business. I was just experimenting with cold brew at home and giving away the fruits of my hobby to friends and family.

Before I knew it, people were begging me to take their money.

I first became obsessed with Kyoto style brewing back in 2012. I had just found out about the brewers after trying a glass of Kyoto at a well-known café.

The coffee was unlike anything I’d ever tried. And was hooked.  I wanted to buy a brewer for home.  But I was broke and they were over $300.

So I did what any red-blooded American would do in this situation.

I built one.

I made a quick trip to the science and surplus store to get a separatory funnel and MacGyvered the rest together. I used a condiment squeeze bottle as the coffee chamber and my blender pitcher as a carafe.

I assembled the contraption and placed it in a bowl, just in case it fell over. I didn’t want to wake up to find a puddle of coffee seeping into my floorboards. 

And I’m sure my wife felt the same. Fortunately, it didn’t fall over. Instead, it gave me a solid cup of cold brew concentrate and the confidence to press on.

To refine my home brewer, I substituted the condiment bottle with an Aeropress and used a mason jar instead of the blender pitcher.

My obsession with Kyoto Style eventually helped me land a job as the head barista and staff trainer for one of Chicago’s largest coffee companies, Metropolis.

Even though I only had 8 months of prior experience as a minimum wage barista.

Metropolis is generous with their employees. Each week, everyone was entitled to take home a pound of free coffee beans. They would even let you take extras of the expired ones.

I used my allotment to do more tinkering at home. Soon, I was making more coffee than I could ever finish myself.

I couldn’t dream of throwing away the excess coffee. So I started giving it away to friends and family for free. The word began to spread.

In no time, I had total strangers coming up to me saying “hey I heard you’re the coffee guy, how much?”


I was getting the coffee for free, and since it was all profit, I said the first number that made sense to me. $10.

They got an amazing deal, and I got to finance my hobby.  It was a textbook win-win.

I was having fun with my side hustle, and I’d always had entrepreneurial fantasies.

I wondered if this could be my chance to finally start a business.

So I started doing my homework.

I ran the numbers. I found an ideal location. I sourced the perfect packaging that would allow me to ship the coffee cheaply and safely. And I started applying for my licenses and permits.

Then I gave my job a month’s notice.

I really liked my job at Metropolis. But I’m an independent person at heart, and nothing makes me as happy as doing my own thing. In fact, that’s why I designed my product to be so versatile.

I want to make it easy for you to do your own thing too.

Launching the business was tough. In retrospect, I can’t believe I make it through all those hurdles…

My dream space had turned into a nightmare. The more I looked into the city bureaucracy and regulations, the more my hopes began to shatter.

Starting a food business in Chicago is tough.  There are so many rules, and there is no convenient place to find everything you need to know.

I realized you had to make the mistake before they would give you the correct information.

After you fixed one problem, five more would pop up in its place.  And I had to deal with one of the most vindictive city inspectors imaginable.

This guy was awful. I read up on him and he once destroyed over $1000 worth of perfectly safe produce because the caterer didn’t have all the correct licenses.

He abused his power whenever he could and would intentionally wait the maximum amount of time before replying to (and denying) my resubmissions.

21 days.

And If that wasn’t bad enough, they wouldn’t accept information via email. I had to submit everything via CD ROM or floppy disk.


I ended up wasting 8 months and over $20k with nothing to show for it. 

I was no closer to getting licensed. In fact, I was looking at six figures in additional work and another year of planning before I could even start building.

Then the actual construction might take an additional year to complete and who knows what will pop up in the meantime. During this time I couldn’t sell anything and financially, I was already running on fumes.

Fortunately, my landlord was a great guy and very understanding.  He let me out of my lease with 30 days notice. And I worked hard to find a tenant to takeover the space after me.

I would have felt guilty if his kindness meant he would miss out on his rental income.  But thankfully, I succeeded in finding a replacement. And I was back to square one.

8 months later and $20k poorer. But wiser at least…

Jaded by my experience with the city, I sought to get back on my feet by operating in the suburbs. I found a shared kitchen that would allow me to rent space at a decent hourly rate.

It wasn’t perfect, but the suburban inspectors were much more accommodating.

They actually took the time to meet with me beforehand to make sure I was doing everything by the book.  It was not a game of “gotcha, now here’s your fine.”

Being in the suburbs bought me vital time to get operational while I figured things out. But the inefficiency was a drag. The commute was long and the kitchen manager refused to install the water filters I needed.

Even though I was willing to pay for it all.  As a result, I had to bring several jugs of water with me every time I needed to brew.

I also had to pay for my kitchen use by the hour, which gets expensive when you’re cold brewing coffee.

Luckily, after a few months, I learned about a shared kitchen opening in my neighborhood.  I introduced myself to the owners and recruited some help to avoid the abusive city inspector.

For the past year, I’ve been at this location thriving.

For the first time, my business feels real to me.

Growth has been slow and steady.  But my fans are loyal.  And I have some cool ways to help spread the word.

One of them is my coffee trike, a.k.a, The Blackmobile.

You can catch me on The Blackmobile during the warm months. I’m in neighborhoods all over the north side, especially Lincoln Park and Logan Square.


I occasionally pop up at festivals and fairs too.

The second way I’ve spread the word is through collaborations.

My latest collaboration is a book dedicated to cold brew cocktails. It’s called Breaking Black. It’s an independent project between myself and David Mor, the beverage director at Cindy’s.

Our goal is to create a recipe book of unique coffee-centric cocktails.

Right now, most coffee cocktails treat all coffees as being universally interchangeable. We hope to highlight the coffees as a central ingredient and pay respect to the unique qualities of each bean.

Our dream is to turn this project into a physical book that inspires the cocktail industry to use coffee in a more intentional way when building their bar programs. 

It includes 36 spirited and 12 spiritfree coffee cocktail recipes.

We’ve finished a good portion of the recipes and we’re planning to launch the digital version of the book next summer.

When I started brewing as a hobby, I had no idea it would bring me this far.

Looking back on it, so many people were blown away by my coffee. I think their reactions gave me the hope and strength to keep striving.

I had to make this a reality.

And now that it is a reality, I want to invite you.

If you made it this far, thank you. I appreciate you taking an interest in my story. As you can tell, it took a lot of work for me to get Kyoto Black this far. And there’s still so much more work to go.

If you love coffee and you want to be a part of my movement, just click the link below.

It'll take you to my order page.

Kyoto Black is not just a labor of love, it’s the future of coffee.

Just see for yourself…


Justin Doggett

"The Sultan of Slow Drip”



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