Kyoto Black Is Your Thanksgiving Hero

It’s the morning after Thanksgiving.  The house is still a mess. You’re exhausted and hungover and so are all the relatives you allowed to crash for the night.  Everyone wants to help clean up, but you’re struggling to get started. 

You need coffee.

Every other year, this would be a real pain.  The place is already messy. Brewing coffee is just going to make more of a mess.  You’d have to brew up several pots; one is never enough.  And if for some reason, you didn’t feel like making it, someone else will try to do it. But they won’t know where you keep the beans or the filters, or how to use the coffee maker…

Every other year this would happen, but not this year. 

Because you bought Kyoto Black.

Kyoto Black is your perfect, all-in-one coffee concentrate.  It is smooth, rich, strong and tastes like cognac, stout beer and shaved dark chocolate.

This is hands-down the smoothest, richest coffee you’ll ever try. 

You can use it to make any coffee drink imaginable. You can have cold brew, hot coffee, lattes and even coffee cocktails, all from one product.

You can relax knowing that everyone can make their own coffee just by boiling a kettle of water.


The unique packaging makes it simple to use.  Just press the button to dispense.

You can dilute it to your preferred strength or drink it full-strength, like espresso.  Each pouch contains 12 servings and I’ve included easy-to-follow instructions to get you started.

If there’s any leftover, that’s perfect. Kyoto Black stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to three months. And once you’re done, the packaging is fully recyclable.

I believe you should always be able to enjoy great coffee, any time and anywhere.  To make that happen, I mail all orders directly to your home.  When it arrives, just place the 1.5 liter pouch in the refrigerator and enjoy perfect coffee on demand. 


Click the link below.

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The discount code “TURKEYDAY” will be automatically applied to your first order.

And I’ll mail your pouch to your doorstep immediately, via first-class mail.

That’s it!

I normally charge $40 for a single pouch of Kyoto Black. But for this promotion, I’m offering you a special deal.  Buy one pouch and get a second for $8

That’s two pouches of premium cold brew concentrate, delivered to your home for only $47.95!

With Free Shipping!

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This offer ends at noon on Monday, 11/19/18. 

So don't hesitate.

Take care, 

Justin Doggett

"The Sultan of Slow Drip"


P.S.  Even if you’re not hosting, but visiting. Everyone will seriously love you if you show up with coffee. You can even have it sent directly to the host.  Just enter their name and address in the shipping section.