Lica Torres Anaerobic Natural Gesha *LIMITED EDITION* Kyoto Black Cold Brew

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Gesha coffees are now well understood to be one of the most complex, high quality varietals. Due to Gesha's delicate profile, the vast majority of them are fully washed. That's why I'm excited to make a true anomaly available; an anaerobic natural Gesha!

Nestled at the foot of Chirripo Volcano, the 3-hectare farm owned by Lica Torres and his family is a gem of Costa Rica. Conditions there aren't exactly idyllic.

The soil is rocky, the incline is steep, and the weather is often too hot or too cold for good agriculture. Lica's father initially planted pine trees on the farm. But farming wood is a slow-going process that doesn't yield quick dividends.

Enter: Lica's big idea.

Four years ago, Lica noticed other local families growing coffee with some success. He decided to bet big on coffee by planting a new, experimental hybrid coffee variety, Milenio. The gamble proved successful!

Since planting the first Milenio crops, he has acquired more land at higher elevations. including a plot of land named El Mirador ("the viewing spot"), sitting at about 1800 masl. It is here, looking down over the village of Bueana Vista de Rivas below, that you'll find us sipping a cup of this coffee.

The coffee cherries are picked at peak ripeness and brought to the wet mill for processing. There, they ferment for 24 hours, during which time the coffee cherry juice is collected. The coffee cherries and reclaimed juice undergo an additional 100 hours of fermentation . And finally they dry on a drying bed in thick layers. These layers stretch out the fermentation and increase drying time. This helps to preserve some of the most delightful flavors.

The classic Gesha characteristics in this coffee are unmistakable. Soft florals, complex citrus, and stone fruit are, of course, expected. But, thanks to the slow, extended fermentation, there's a little more UMMPHH to this coffee. Tropical fruit notes, like mango pop forward. We love a great Gesha and gravitate towards tropical notes. Lica's latest endeavor is giving us the best of both worlds. 


Origin | Rivas, Brunca, Costa Rica

Producer | Don Lica Torres

Farm | Cerro Buena Vista

Process | Anaerobic Natural

Variety | Gesha

Elevation | 1800 masl

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