Kyoto Black - Kyoto Style Cold Brew Coffee Pouch

Kyoto Black Cold Brew - Double Pouch

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2 Pouches of Kyoto Black Cold Brew Concentrate

Kyoto Black is a premium cold brew made using slow drip.  My Black Label cold brew has classic flavors of cognac, stout beer and shaved dark chocolate. While My Purple Label focuses on modern light roast staples like, higher acidity, melon, citrus. It is made using a blend sourced from various cooperatives in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

Every 1.5 liter pouch contains ten-twelve servings of concentrated cold brew.  Non-alcoholic.

It is the perfect base for you to create any coffee drink you want, including hot coffee and lattes.

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*Note: Purchasing multiples of this package will result in receiving the chosen quantity of pouches x2