Premium Slow Drip Cold Brew

If you like smooth coffee with bold flavors, Kyoto Black is perfect for you.  It has great classic flavors of Cognac, Stout Beer and Shaved Dark Chocolate.  It is low acid, low bitterness and naturally sweet.

Kyoto Black is great served every way you can imagine. Enjoy it straight, over ice, with milk, hot or cold, and even in sodas. 

I’ve included easy-to-follow instructions on the back of each container, just to get you started.  But there’s no limit to the custom recipes you can create.  

I make Kyoto Black in small batches and deliver it fresh to your home or office.  This saves you precious time and energy.  No more rushing out the door, just to stand in long café lines, and no more messy grinders and gadgets. 

Just your perfect cup, ready at the push of a button.

It’s also a unique gift for friends, family and colleagues. 

Though you’ll probably want to gift it to yourself first 😉

Justin Doggett speaks coffee like a native tongue... and has an idea of perfection when it comes to coffee.

The Chicago Tribune

"We loved it... it's delicious, smooth, chocolaty..." 

Chewing Podcast

#1 Best Tasting Cold Brew: "Super strong, but delicious, rich with molasses notes, straight to my head, so good..."

WBEZ Chicago