Premium Slow Drip Cold Brew

Kyoto Black is a strong, smooth cold brew that tastes like cognac, stout beer and shaved dark chocolate.  Our blend of medium and dark roasted beans yields a brew that is both classic and daring.  It is perfect for special occasions and as a unique gift, but you'll want to drink it everyday.    
I make Kyoto Black in small batches using a custom built brewer, allowing me to brew with one drop of water at a time.  The result is a strong, focused coffee that's perfectly balanced. You can sip it straight up, and it's potent enough to shine with milk or in cocktails.
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Justin Doggett speaks coffee like a native tongue... and has an idea of perfection when it comes to coffee.

The Chicago Tribune

"We loved it... it's delicious, smooth, chocolaty..." 

Chewing Podcast

#1 Best Tasting Cold Brew: "Super strong, but delicious, rich with molasses notes, straight to my head, so good..."

WBEZ Chicago